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How to View Webinars

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about viewing family history webinars provided by the BYU Library.

What are these webinars?

The BYU Library provides family history webinars (live online presentations) as a free resources for family history instruction. The webinars are broadcast live via Zoom from the BYU Library or remote locations. Participants can watch live from anywhere or view the recordings later.

How do I participate in a live webinar?

Anyone can view a live webinar on the day and time of the broadcast. Check the calendar for the date and time of scheduled webinars, usually held once per week on a weekday evening. The current link to live webinars is provided on the Family History Webinars page. If you have signed up to receive email updates, we also send out an email reminder with a link to the webinar the day of.

How do I view recordings of past webinars?

We provide access to recordings of past webinars via our Family History Webinars page. You can also view them on our YouTube channel.

How do I use Zoom?

For a step-by-step tutorial watch the video below.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

For more support please visit the Zoom support page Joining and participating in Zoom Webinars.

Can I watch a live webinar on my phone/mobile device?

Yes! Click here to find out how!

Who do I contact to ask questions, provide feedback, or suggest topics?

Please contact us at