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Welcome to the new BYU Library Family History website! Looking for something that is not yet here? Visit to the old site.

Virtual Help Desk

The BYU Library family history missionaries provide one-on-one virtual help with family history. Join the virtual family history help desk live via Zoom during the hours shown below.

*Click to join only during available hours.

Virtual Help Desk Hours

  • Monday-Thursday, 12 – 8 PM (Mountain)**
  • Friday, 12 – 6 PM (Mountain)**
  • Not available during weekends, holidays, or semester breaks.

**These are general days and times of availability. The virtual desk is not available during holidays or semester breaks when there is no missionary service. Check our hours of operation.

Virtual Desk Instructions

  • Click the button above to join the virtual family history help desk live via
    Zoom during available hours.
  • When you join the Zoom link, you will enter the virtual lobby and a missionary will assign you to a helper when it is your turn.
  • Patrons will be helped in the order they join the Zoom link.
  • A video camera and microphone are required in order to interact via Zoom. Headphones are recommended for better sound.
  • You may be asked to share your screen in order to provide better assistance.
  • No appointment needed. Consultations will be 20 minutes or less when others are waiting.
  • Specialized or longer consultations may be arranged by appointment. Contact us to schedule.
  • For instructional videos on how to use Zoom or join a Zoom meeting, click here.